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Parkour Gym Chicago: The Ultimate Hub for Urban Ninja Training

Do you want to learn how to overcome obstacles and move through urban environments quickly and efficiently, while feeling the adrenaline rush? Parkour Gym Chicago is the best place to learn parkour and freerunning in Chicago.

What is Parkour?

Parkour, a discipline, was developed in the Paris suburbs in the late 1980s. Parkour involves running, vaulting, climbing, jumping and running in fluid, creative and efficient ways. Parkour training goes beyond physical conditioning. It is a mindset that encourages adaptation, innovation and perseverance as well as self-improvement.

Parkour Gym Chicago: Why Choose?

Parkour Gym Chicago provides a unique and comprehensive approach for urban ninja training. It caters to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Here are some reasons to choose our gym.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our gym features a variety custom-built structures, equipment, as well as obstacles that mimic real-life urban spaces such walls, rails and bars. To ensure a safe and comfortable training environment, we have safety mats, padding, high-performance flooring, and high-performance flooring.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are certified professionals with years of experience and have mastered many parkour and freerunning techniques including flips and spins, kicks and combos. They are also certified in first aid, injury prevention, athlete development, and can provide feedback and guidance to help achieve your goals.

Diverse Classes

There are many classes to suit all levels and interests.

Community Atmosphere

Parkour Gym Chicago believes that parkour is more than a physical activity. It is also a social and cultural phenomenon. We aim to foster friendship, teamwork, creativity, and a supportive community. No matter your level of experience, you will find a safe place to grow and belong at our gym.

Parkour for the Rest of Us

Parkour is not just for the young, the fit, or the daredevils, contrary to popular belief. Parkour is open to all ages, regardless of gender, fitness level or background. Parkour’s adaptability and scalability is what makes it so appealing. You can start with very simple movements and then progress at your own pace.

Parkour has many benefits

Parkour has many benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Parkour is a difficult and potentially dangerous activity that requires the use of proper technique, equipment, and conditioning. Parkour Gym Chicago places safety and injury prevention first. We follow strict protocols to ensure your well being. These include:- Proper warm up and cool down routines- Gradual progression, skill-building, corrective exercises, stretching, and equipment maintenance and replacement.

How to join Parkour Gym Chicago

Parkour Gym Chicago membership is simple and affordable Follow these steps: Browse our classes and membership options on our website. Select the class or membership that best suits your needs and goals. Register online and pay in person. Sign our waiver. Register for your first class to begin your parkour journey.

Membership Options

There are many membership options available to suit different needs and schedules.


Parkour Gym Chicago can be found at 5711 N. Tripp Ave. in Chicago, IL 60646. We are easily accessible by public transportation, bicycle, or car. There is ample parking.


Parkour Gym Chicago is the perfect place to learn urban ninja skills in the Windy City. Our gym offers a variety of activities that will challenge you physically, mentally, and socially. You can also have fun and meet like-minded individuals. Join us today to unleash your inner ninja.

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