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Parkour Fail Compilation: Watch the High-Flying Athletic Stunts that Went Wrong

Parkour has been a hugely popular sport in recent years. Parkour, also known by free-running, is a sport and physical discipline that requires participants to use their bodies to navigate difficult terrains and obstacles such as walls, buildings and rooftops. Parkour’s appeal lies in the adrenaline rush and freedom that comes from performing high-flying, acrobatic stunts.

Parkour is not an extreme activity without risk. Even the most experienced and skilled traceurs (parkour practitioners), are susceptible to mishaps. We’ve compiled a list with some of the most shocking, embarrassing, and sometimes hilarious parkour failures that will help you to appreciate the dangers of the sport.

What is Parkour?

Parkour was developed in France in 1980s. It is now a global sport with millions of practitioners. Parkour is a movement that uses your body to navigate obstacles and move through your environment as fluidly as possible.

Parkour is not a sport or competition that has scores, teams, judges or scores. It is more about individual challenge and pursuit for excellence. Participants train in small groups or alone and work to improve their skills and techniques. Parkour is a way to live and a philosophy that stresses physical and mental strength, adaptability and creativity, as well as self-discipline.

Parkour: The Risk

Parkour, like any extreme sport, has inherent risks. Parkour involves jumping, climbing and flipping at great heights without protective gear such as helmets or pads. It can lead to serious injuries or even death if things go wrong.

Parkour poses many risks to participants, including head trauma, falls, broken bones and even death. Even though experts agree that proper training and techniques can reduce these risks, accidents can still occur to even the most experienced participants.

Parkour Failings That Will Leave You Gasping

This section will show you some of the most hilarious, jaw-dropping parkour failures. These examples prove that even the most experienced and skilled traceurs are susceptible to accidents.

1. Rooftop Slip

This video shows a traceur trying to jump from one rooftop to the next, but he slips and falls. He tries to grab onto a ledge but his momentum takes him over the edge and he plummets several meters to the ground below. He lands on a mattress, which was placed there for safety.

2. Wall Flip Failure

This video shows a traceur trying to flip off a wall, but instead lands on his head. It seems that he misjudged the distance and height, which led to a painful failure.

3. Stair Jump Gone Wrong

This video shows a traceur trying to jump over a flight stairs, but he slips and falls. He appears to be in great pain after landing hard on his back.

4. Rail Jump Knockout

This video shows a traceur trying to jump over a rail, but he hits his head and knocks him out. His shoes fall off his feet and he is left with a brain-jarring failure.

5. Failed Roof Jump

This video shows a traceur trying to jump from one roof to the next. However, he fails to make it. He plummets several meters to the ground below, hitting a railing along the way.

6. Breaking Through the Roof

This video shows a traceur jumping from a roof and landing on the roof of a lower building. However, he miscalculates distance and ends up breaking through roof. He falls on a pile and ends up with minor injuries.

How to Avoid Parkour Failures

Parkour is risky in nature, but there are ways to reduce the chance of injury or failure. These tips will help you avoid making parkour mistakes.

1. Proper Training

Before you attempt any difficult stunts or techniques, it is important to have the right training. You should find a reputable coach or training facility for parkour and learn from them.

2. Use safety gear

Although parkour is not often done without protective gear, there are essential items that can help reduce the risk of injury such as helmets and pads. These items should be used whenever possible, especially if you are trying to perform complex or high-risk moves.

3. Assess the Environment

Always assess the surrounding environment before you attempt any stunts. Avoid areas with loose bricks, slippery surfaces, moving vehicles and other potential hazards.

4. Do not rush

Take your time, and work your way up slowly. Do not attempt to do stunts or other techniques that are beyond your capabilities or experience. You can improve your skills by practicing slowly and consistently.


Parkour is an adrenaline-pumping activity that can be thrilling, but it also has its risks. Accidents can happen, no matter how experienced or skilled a traceur may be. The consequences can be severe. It is important to practice parkour with caution and take every precaution to avoid injury or failure. We hope that this collection of parkour failures has shown how important it is for you to be safe and cautious when engaging in extreme physical activities such as parkour.

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