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Parkour de Taubaté: A Thrilling Urban Sport

This urban sport involves running, jumping, climbing, and vaulting over obstacles in the urban environment, using only your body and surroundings as tools. Taubate is a city located in the state Sao Paulo and offers a variety of urban landscapes to test your parkour skills. Taubate has a variety urban landscapes from parks and plazas, to buildings and bridges that offer ample opportunities to test parkour skills. We’ll also give some resources to those who want a jumpstart or to improve their parkour abilities.

What is Parkour?

The French discipline of Parkour, or free-running (also known as l’art de déplacement) (the art movement), emerged in the 1990s. It was created by a group young men from the suburbs of Paris who wanted to find ways to overcome the limitations and barriers of the urban environment. Parkour is a noncompetitive sport which emphasizes creativity, self-expression and self-improvement. It’s not about winning medals, or beating others. It’s about pushing yourself and your mind to the limit, and conquering your fears. It requires physical and mental training as well as respect for yourself and your surroundings.

What is Parkour de Taubate?

Parkour de Taubate consists of a group of parkour enthusiasts who meet regularly to share and promote their love for the sport. The group was formed in the early 2000s and has grown to be a diverse community of people from all backgrounds and ages. Parkour de Taubate, however, is not an official organization or club but a loose, informal network of individuals that share a love of parkour. The group is open for anyone who wants to practice or learn parkour, no matter their level of experience or skill. Parkour de Taubate organises weekly training sessions and jams where members can meet up, warm up and explore different spots around the city to practice their skills. The group also takes part in local competitions and events, as well as national and international gatherings.

How to Do Parkour Taubate

You need to find a place to practice parkour in Taubate. Taubate offers many public spaces such as parks and plazas that are safe and legal to practice parkour. Once you find a place, it is important to warm up and stretch your muscles and joints. Wear comfortable, flexible clothing that allows you the freedom to move. Parkour de Taubate includes a variety techniques and movements such as:-Running: Parkour starts with running to gain speed and momentum. You should practice running at different speeds, on different surfaces and from different angles. You should practice different jumps such as precision jumps and long jumps. You should practice different types climbs such as arm jumps and wall runs. You should practice different vaults such as dash vaults and lazy vaults. You should practice various types of balances such as plank walks, wall flips, and rail walks. Rolling helps you absorb shock and distribute force, reducing your risk of injury. You should practice different rolls such as dive, shoulder, and kong. It’s important to begin with the basics and progress at your own rate. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too fast or too hard. Parkour de Taubate requires patience, perseverance and dedication. It can be exhilarating and rewarding.

What equipment do you need for Parkour de Taubate?

Parkour de Taubate requires very little equipment as it relies on your body and the environment. There are some things you should keep in mind for your safety and comfort. Running shoes, cross-training shoes, and basketball shoes are all great options. Avoid wearing loose or baggy clothing that can catch on obstacles. Use your gear as an extra layer of protection, and don’t rely solely on it. Bring plenty of water with you, especially if practicing outdoors or during hot weather. Drinking enough water can improve your performance and overall health. It’s important to prepare for injuries that can occur during parkour.

What are the benefits of Parkour de Taubate?

Parkour de Taubate has many physical, mental, social, and psychological benefits. You will develop strong, toned muscles that can improve your posture and your balance. You will be able run faster and longer, and recover from exertion more quickly. You will improve your spatial awareness and reflexes. Proprioception is your sense of movement and body position. You will also gain a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that can be transferred to other areas of your lives. You will also be able to appreciate the beauty of the urban environment and how it can become a playground. You’ll be able to meet people who share your passions and values and who can inspire you and challenge you.

What are the risks of Parkour de Taubate?

Some of the common risks are:- Falls: Parkour often involves high-risk jumps and drops, which can result in serious injuries, such as fractures, dislocations, or concussions. Falls: Parkour involves many high-risk jumps or drops that can cause serious injuries such as fractures and dislocations. You should always assess risks and the scene and use proper landing technique. Warm up, stretch and rest in between sessions. You should be aware of your surroundings and avoid any hazards, such as sharp objects or unstable structures. You should practice with experienced and well-trained partners and seek feedback from experts.

Where can I find resources for Parkour de Taubate?

There are many resources you can use if you’re interested parkour de taubate. Parkour de Taubate’s website and social networks: The group maintains a website as well as social media accounts that provide information about upcoming training sessions, competitions, and events. You can also ask other members for feedback and advice. You can find some of the best online channels at, Tapp Brothers and Ronnie Street Stunts. Some of the best classes and gyms in Brazil include Fox Fitness, La Casa del Movimiento, and Fluid Parkour. Urban Sherpas APK Academy and Art of Motion are some of the best events and communities.


Parkour de Taubate, a challenging and thrilling sport, offers many benefits to the body, mind, and society. It is a sport that requires discipline, dedication and respect for the body and environment. But it can be very rewarding. Taubate is a great place to learn and improve your parkour skills, whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a beginner. You can improve your parkour skills by following safety tips and using the many resources that are available.

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