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Outrun Parkour: The Ultimate Guide to Free-Running and Movement

If you are an adrenaline junkie and want the ultimate thrill, outrun parkour is the perfect way to take your parkour skills up a notch. Outrun parkour is an extreme sport that involves free-running, high jumps and acrobatic moves that will leave your breathless. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Outrun Parkour, including its history and techniques as well as safety tips.

What is Outrun Parkour?

Outrun parkour, also known by freerunning, is a movement style that combines elements from gymnastics, martial arts and parkour. Its main goals include overcoming obstacles in urban and natural environments, expressing oneself through fluid aerials, and challenging one’s mental and physical limits. Outrun parkour is different from traditional parkour. It emphasizes style and creativity and performance. This can often involve solo or team competitions.

The Origins of Outrun Parkour

Outrun parkour is rooted in the French parkour scene from the 1990s. It was started by David Belle, Sebastien Foucan and other young men who began to practice and popularize parkour as a way to train their bodies and minds for urban survival. Their philosophy was called “le parkour” and they developed a set if principles and techniques to help them become more efficient, agile, adaptable, and flexible. These principles included conquering fear, adapting to the environment and respecting one’s limitations.

Outrun Parkour Techniques

There are many ways to outrun parkour. Each technique is designed to overcome a particular obstacle or challenge. The most popular techniques are:

The Wall Run

The classic parkour move of the wall run involves running up a vertical wall, then vaulting over it. To perform a wall-run, first run at an angle towards the wall. Then, jump onto the wall with one leg and push off with the other to propel yourself upwards. To clear the obstacle, push off with both your feet once you reach the top.

The Kong Vault

The Kong vault is an efficient and fast way to overcome obstacles. To perform a Kong vault jump towards the obstacle at a fast pace, place your hands on it, vault your legs above your arms, and land on you front foot.

The Precision Jump

Precision jumping is a high-risk move with high rewards. It requires precision timing, balance, accuracy, and timing. Perform a precision jump by jumping from one ledge or obstacle to another. Make sure you land on the edge with your knees bent and your feet together. This move is difficult and should only be attempted by skilled traceurs.

Safety Tips for Outrun Parkour

Outrun parkour, like any extreme sport, can be dangerous and requires skill, practice and caution. These safety tips will help to reduce the chance of injury.

Protective gear is essential

Wear footwear and clothing that provides support, cushioning, and grip. To protect your skin and joints, consider wearing gloves, knee pads, or elbow pads.

Warm up properly

Warm up your muscles and joints before you start any parkour activity. This will prevent strains, sprains and other injuries.

Start small

You shouldn’t attempt to master advanced parkour moves without learning the basics. Begin with the simplest moves, such as landings, rolls, jumps, and landings. Then, move on to more difficult moves.

Practice in safe areas

You shouldn’t attempt to parkour in dangerous or busy areas like highways, construction sites, rooftops, etc. Instead, practice in safer places such as parks, gyms, and indoor facilities that are specifically designed for parkour.

Listen to your body

Parkouring should be stopped if you feel tired, dehydrated or in pain. Do not push yourself too hard, or too fast. Listen to your body and listen.

Parkour Competitions Outrun

Competing in national or regional competitions is a great way to improve your outrun parkour skills. These competitions are judged on speed, flow and difficulty. They can also be team-based. Red Bull Art of Motion, Street Movement World Championship and World Freerunning and Parkour Federation Championships are some of the most popular outrun parkour competitions.

In Conclusion

Outrun parkour can be a challenging and exciting way to discover your mental and physical abilities, overcome obstacles, and express yourself creatively. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned traceur, remember to be safe, respect your limits and have fun. For more information, tutorials, inspiration, and tips on parkour and movement, check out our other articles.

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