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Michael Scott Parkour: The Comedy Routine That Became a Fitness Trend

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell on the TV series “The Office,” is well-known for his antics as well as his bizarre attempts to lead. One of his failed attempts at leadership was when he tried parkour, an athletic discipline that involves moves such as vaults, jumps, and wall runs. As people began to take inspiration from Michael Scott’s parkour moves, what started out as a funny comedy routine quickly became a fitness trend. This article will examine the surprising impact of Michael Scott parkour on the fitness industry.

The Beginnings of Michael Scott Parkour

The episode “Office Olympics” was the title of the episode of “The Office”, in which Michael Scott attempts parkour. This episode features Michael and a few other employees from the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin creating their own Olympics. Michael decides to take part in parkour even though he doesn’t know what he is doing.

It is hilarious to see Michael trying to do parkour moves, but keeps falling and injuring his self. He is a laughing stock to his coworkers, but he will keep trying. He eventually learns some basic moves and impresses his coworkers.

Parkour Moves by Michael Scott

Michael’s parkour moves combine comic exaggeration and actual parkour moves. He does, however, a “safety” roll after a jump but it’s more of an accident than a roll. He also attempts to “cat jump” onto a wall, but he falls off.

Although Michael’s parkour moves can be enjoyed for fun, they still require some athleticism. Parkour is a challenging discipline that requires strength, agility and coordination. Although Michael’s attempts to parkour are a bit clumsy they still require him use his body in new and challenging manners.

The Popularity Of Michael Scott Parkour

Fans of “The Office”, after the episode aired, began to imitate Michael’s parkour moves. They made their own videos, showing their attempts at parkour and trying to imitate Michael’s style.

The creators of “The Office” were shocked by the popularity of Michael Scott’s parkour. The parkour scene would become so famous was something they didn’t expect. It was loved by the fans and became one of the most memorable moments on the show’s history.

Parkour’s Fitness Benefits

People began to learn from Michael Scott’s parkour moves and discovered the many health benefits. Parkour is a full body workout that increases strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Parkour is great for cardiovascular fitness because it requires constant movement and jumping.

Fitness experts have even created parkour-inspired workouts that incorporate moves such as jumps and wall runs into more traditional exercises like lunges or squats. This allows people to reap the benefits of parkour without needing special equipment or risking injury.

The Philosophy of Parkour

Parkour is not only a great way to get fit, but it also has a philosophy. Parkour practitioners often emphasize the importance of pushing yourself beyond your limits and overcoming obstacles. Parkour practitioners also stress the importance of creativity and self expression, since parkour moves can be adapted in endless ways.

Although Michael Scott’s attempts to parkour were laughable, they still reflect the spirit of the discipline. Michael didn’t let his lack in skills or knowledge stop him trying something new and difficult. He was also open to new ideas and found unique solutions to problems.

The Legacy of Michael Scott Parkour

Even though “The Office” was cancelled in 2013, Michael Scott’s parkour moves still inspire people today. YouTube is filled with videos of parkour attempts, many of which cite Michael Scott.

A range of merchandise featuring Michael Scott parkour has been created, including posters, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and posters. These items can be purchased by fans of the show to show their support for the iconic scene.


Although it started out as a joke, Michael Scott parkour has become a cultural phenomenon. It has encouraged people to explore new possibilities, push their limits and embrace their creativity. Michael’s attempts to parkour have been a source for comedy and shown the world how fitness can unite people.

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