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Mercy Parkour Kings Row: Navigating the Map as a Support Hero

It’s possible that Mercy, the beloved healer from Overwatch, is not the first hero to come to mind when you think about parkour skills. With the right techniques and a little practice, Mercy is a surprisingly agile hero in the streets of Kings Row. This article will explore some tips and techniques for navigating the map in the role of Mercy, from finding the most efficient escape routes to maximizing your Guardian Angel ability.

Understanding Kings Row

Before we get into Mercy’s parkour skills, it’s essential to understand the basics of Kings Row. This map is set primarily in London and includes a mixture of narrow streets, courtyards and multi-leveled buildings. It’s an excellent map for both defense and attack, and each character has their own challenges to overcome. As Mercy, your main goal on Kings Row will be to keep your teammates safe while also avoiding any danger yourself. This means using your abilities and staying mobile to move quickly from one place to another.

Scoping out the Map

Take some time before the match to explore the map. This will help you get a feel for its layout. Look for high points from which you can heal your team. Also, narrow alleys may require you to use your parkour to escape danger. Is there a widowmaker on the opposite side? Avoid open areas, where she can easily pick off your backline. Is Winston or Genji harassing you? Keep an eye out on high ledges that you can use to escape quickly using your Guardian Angel ability.

Use Guardian Angel to Move Quickly

This ability is one of Mercy’s strongest. It allows her to fly quickly to the location of a teammate by pressing the jump key. It’s a great way to quickly navigate the map and reach teammates who are in need of healing. Keep an eye out for your teammates’ health bars and be prepared to fly to them as soon as damage is taken. Use Guardian Angel if you’re being attacked by an enemy to quickly move away and avoid damage.

Mastering Wall Jumping & Gliding

Mercy has impressive parkour skills, which can help her navigate more efficiently. One of these skills includes wall jumping. You can also glide by pressing the jump button while you are near a wall. This ability allows Mercy to glide through the air and slow down her fall, giving her greater control over her movements. By pressing and holding the jump button in mid-air, you can activate gliding. You can use wall-jumping and gliding, for example, to escape from an alleyway if you are trapped.

Use Your Ultimate Wisely

Valkyrie is Mercy’s ultimate power. It can change the game on Kings Row. This ability gives Mercy a powerful set of new abilities including increased mobility, faster heal, and the ability resurrect teammates who have died. However, it is important to use Valkyrie carefully. Wait for the right time to activate it, and don’t just activate it because it’s there. If your team is struggling in a particular battle, Valkyrie could give you the boost that you need to win.

Staying Safe As Mercy

It’s also important to remember that Mercy can be easily taken out if she is caught in the wrong spot at the wrong moment. Stay behind your teammates and use cover to stay safe. Use your parkour to escape danger quickly, and communicate with your teammates to avoid being isolated.

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