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Lucio Parkour: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Lucio’s Movement

Lucio is a popular hero in Overwatch. He is known for his ability heal teammates and to amaze enemies with his skills at parkour. Lucio’s fast and efficient movement can be used for gaining advantages on the battlefield and to reach areas that are normally inaccessible. This guide will help you learn the basics of Lucio’s movement and provide tips and techniques to master it.

Understanding Lucio’s Movement

Lucio’s parkour movements involve the creative use of Sonic Amplifier, Crossfade and wall riding. Sonic Amplifier, his primary fire can be used to damage enemies. Lucio can switch between two music modes – speed boost and healing – using Crossfade. Lucio’s signature technique is wall riding, which allows him maintain his momentum while skating along walls.

Wall Riding

The core of Lucio’s parkour is wall riding. To wall ride you must jump on a wall, then jump off the wall in the opposite direction. This will maintain your speed. You must look in the opposite directions before jumping off a wall to turn around a bend.

Wall Riding Techniques

You can use wall riding to your advantage on the battlefield. You can use walls to gain height as you wall-ride. Lucio, for example, can wall ride up to the top of the tower on the map Lijiang Tower in order to reach the area above the point. You can also use corners to gain more speed while wall riding. You can gain speed by accelerating off the corner at just the right moment.

Mastering Lucio’s Movement

Developing Lucio’s movements takes patience and practice. You must familiarize yourself with maps and the different wall riding routes available. You need to know how to control Lucio’s momentum to your advantage.

Practice makes perfect

You can master Lucio’s movements by practicing in an online game or on the practice range. You can practice your timing and control by trying out different wall riding routes. Lucio’s movements are all about maintaining momentum. So, it’s best to practice until you’re comfortable.

Be Aware of the Environment

It’s important that you are aware of your surroundings when playing as Lucio. You should look for wall-riding opportunities to gain an advantage over your opponents. You should also be on the lookout for obstacles and enemies who can disrupt your movement.

Combining Lucio’s Abilities

Lucio’s movement involves more than just wall-riding; it also involves creative use of his abilities. You can use your speed boost, for example, to quickly move from one place to another on the map. You can use his Sound Barrier Ultimate to protect your team as they push.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you master Lucio’s movement:

Use Your Environment

Lucio’s movements are all about using the environment to your advantage. Use walls, ledges and other objects to gain momentum by wall riding.

Stay Moving

Lucio’s movements are all about maintaining momentum. Avoid stopping and try to keep moving.

Stay Agile

Lucio’s movements are also about agility. Keep your movements fluid, and be quick to react to changes in the surrounding environment.

Think Outside the Box

Do not be afraid to try new techniques and routes for wall riding. You can sometimes gain an advantage over your competitors by using the most creative movements.


Lucio’s parkour is not only entertaining, but also very useful in Overwatch. You can get the upper hand on your opponents by mastering his parkour movement. You can even reach locations which seem impossible to reach. To master Lucio’s Parkour, you must practice, be aware and creative.

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