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Leap Parkour- Taking Athletics to a New Level


Parkour has been growing in popularity for many years. Parkour is a unique combination of creativity and athleticism that makes it one the most exciting sports in the globe. Leap Parkour is one of the most prominent names in parkour. Leap Parkour is a non-profit organization that provides the best training and education in parkour to people all over the world. We will explore the history of Leap Parkour and what makes them different from other parkour groups in this article.

The History of Leap Parkour

Chris and Travis, two parkour enthusiasts, founded Leap Parkour in 2009. Both shared a deep passion for the sport and wanted others to experience the thrill. Their first step was teaching parkour in different parks around their city. They soon saw a lot of interest and were soon surrounded by parkour enthusiasts. They decided to create a world-class facility to cater to all levels of parkour enthusiasts. In 2011, the first ever Leap Parkour gym was opened. Since then, it has been the place to go for parkour training. Leap Parkour now has over 10 branches around the world.

What makes Leap Parkour so unique?

Leap Parkour is a leader in parkour organizations in many ways. They are committed to safety first and foremost. Safety is their top priority. They go above and beyond to ensure that all of their students are familiar with the safety procedures. Leap Parkour has highly qualified coaches who provide excellent training for each student based upon their skill level. Leap Parkour encourages students to express their creativity and create their own styles, unlike other organizations that have a set curriculum. This approach has proven to be extremely successful with many of its graduates becoming world-famous parkour practitioners.

Leap Parkour Gym Facilities

Leap Parkour is known for its top-notch gym facilities. Their gyms were designed to meet the needs of parkour enthusiasts at all levels. The gym is safe, modern, and spacious. This creates the ideal environment for training. They have well-maintained equipment including trampolines, foam pits, mats, and many more. Their gyms are clean and well-maintained, which ensures maximum hygiene.

Leap Parkour offers classes

There are classes for all levels of parkour enthusiasts at Leap Parkour. There is a class to suit everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. Each class is taught by skilled coaches and is grouped according to skill level. These classes include:

Classes for Beginners

These classes are for people who are new to parkour. These classes focus on the fundamental skills required to navigate obstacles such as balance, agility and coordination.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are for those who have already learned the basics of parkour. These classes build on the skills of the beginner classes and include more complicated tricks and maneuvers.


Advanced classes are reserved for parkour professionals who are highly skilled. These classes are focused on learning more complicated techniques such as wall flips and free-running.


Leap Parkour is a well-respected parkour organization. They are the best place to learn parkour thanks to their top-notch facilities, highly skilled coaches, and commitment towards safety. Leap Parkour offers something for everyone, beginner to advanced. They are committed to providing the best possible parkour education for people all over the world and are a symbol for the true spirit parkour.

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