how to pronounce perilous

How to Pronounce Perilous: A Comprehensive Guide


Perilous is a word that is frequently mispronounced even by native English speakers. Perilous is a word that means danger or risk. This makes it an important word in many professional fields such as science, law, and business. We will show you how to pronounce the word perilous correctly and give you tips to help you deliver flawless word delivery.

What is the Meaning and Importance of Perilous?

Before we get to the pronunciation, let us first define what the word means. Perilous is an adjective that describes something that is dangerous, perilous, or carries risk. It is derived from the Latin word for “periculum” and the Old French term “perilleux”. Perilous situations include walking on a tightrope or sailing through rough waters.

Why is Pronouncing Perilous Important?

As we have already mentioned, perilous is a word that means danger or risk. This makes it critical in science, technology, medicine, law, and other fields. It could affect the audience’s reaction to your presentation about a new business idea. For example, in science, mispronouncing the word could make you less credible or confuse your research or experiment.

Tricks to Correctly Pronounce Perilous

Now that you know the importance of correctly pronouncing the word perilous, let us dive into some tips that will help ensure flawless delivery.

Start with the “Per” Sound

The “per” sound is the beginning of the word “perilous”. Keep your lips together, and say “Puh.” Next, move to the “er”, by moving your lips slightly longer and pushing out the sound of “uhr”. End the word by adding “luhs.” String these together and you will have “Peh-ruh-luhs.”

Take a bite out of your tongue

People make the common mistake of putting too much emphasis on the second word when pronouncing perilous. This error can be avoided by using a slightly different approach. Instead of putting too much emphasis on the second syllable, you should bite your tongue between your teeth while saying the word. This will force you slow down and make sure that the syllables are pronounced with the correct emphasis.

Listen to Native Speakers Pronounce Perilous.

It’s helpful to hear native speakers speak in order to learn how to pronounce words in a language. You don’t have to travel to learn the language. There are many podcasts and videos available online that can help you get an idea of how it sounds. Listen to native English speakers pronounce the word perilous. Then, pick your favorite and practice it alone.

Slow-motion practice

Another way to get used to the intonation of each syllable is to practice slowly. Each syllable should be broken down and spoken slowly before you can build the whole word.

Use Visualization Techniques

Visualization techniques can be used to speed up the learning process. Visualize a dangerous situation, such as crossing a busy highway. As you pronounce the word “perilous”, visualize the situation. This technique links the word “perilous”, to a dangerous situation, making is easier to remember when it is used in context.

How to use perilous in a sentence

Once you are proficient at pronouncing the word correctly, it is time to use it in sentences. Here are some examples. * The climbers climbed the treacherous icy slope using only ropes and pickaxes. * The pandemic has made it difficult to pronounce the word correctly in sentences.


Although perilous is a key word that conveys an important message, it can be difficult to pronounce. Using the tips in this article will help you confidently use it in your communication. Listen to native speakers and practice the techniques. Use the word in context sentences. You’ll soon be able to fluently deliver the word perilous.

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