how to long jump in parkour roblox

How to Long Jump in Parkour Roblox


Parkour is about moving from one place to another in an efficient and creative manner. The long jump is one of the most important skills to master in parkour Roblox. The long jump is an important maneuver that allows you to cover a long distance in one jump. This guide will show you how to do a long jump in Roblox parkour like a pro.

What is a long jump?

Long jumps are a technique that allows you to jump over large distances or jump across large gaps in one jump. Long jumps are crucial in parkour Roblox to move from one obstacle quickly and efficiently. To achieve a successful long-jump, you must maximize your jump distance while exerting minimal effort.

Understanding the Basics for a Long Jump

Let’s first review the basics before we get into the specifics of a long-jump. The long jump is made up of three parts: run-up (preparation), take-off (launch) and landing. To master the long jump, you must master each of these three parts.

The Run-Up

The run-up is a crucial part of a long leap. This is the moment when you increase your speed and momentum in order to generate as much energy as possible. You should begin with a short run up, not too far away from the edge of the platform from which you plan to jump.

The Take-Off

The take-off occurs when you propel yourself into the air. You need a good takeoff to execute a long jump successfully. You should crouch and jump off one or both feet simultaneously.

The Landing

Landing is the last step in your long jump. Landing safely is essential to avoid injury. As you land, bend your knees to absorb the shock and roll forward.

Techniques for a Long Jump

After we’ve covered all the basics, let’s look at the techniques that you can use to jump long like a professional. These techniques will allow you to cover distances quickly and efficiently.

The Running Start

Running start is a technique that will help you gain more power and momentum for your jump. You need to run as quickly as possible towards the edge of your platform. When you reach the edge of the platform, crouch and jump off both feet. This technique will allow you to jump faster and farther than you would be able to with a standing start.

The Diagonal Approach

The diagonal approach can be used to help you jump over larger gaps and cover longer distances. Start running diagonally towards the edge of your platform. As you reach edge, jump by pushing your back leg off. This technique allows you to cover a greater distance with a single jump.

The Wall Jump

The wall jump is a technique that allows you to cover a large distance by jumping off a vertical surface. To execute a Wall Jump, you must run at full speed towards a vertical wall. As you approach the wall, crouch and jump off with one foot, angled in the opposite direction. Jump off the wall with your other foot when you hit it to gain height and distance.

The Roll Jump

Roll jumping is a simple but effective technique that will help you avoid injury and cover greater distances. Start with a running jump and, as you reach the edge, jump off your feet while crouching, rolling forward when you land. This technique absorbs shock and momentum allowing you to leap longer.

Tips for a Successful Long Jump

You should follow a few tips to perform a successful long-jump. These tips will help you master the long jump, and take your parkour skills to the next level.

Practice makes perfect

The more you practice, the better your long jumps will be. Try out different techniques and practice them until you find the one that works best for you.

Strengthen Your Body

You need good lower body strength to execute a successful jump. Include exercises that strengthen your legs in your training, such as squats or lunges.

Know Your Limits

It is important to know your limits, and not jump too high for your level of skill. Start with small gaps, and increase the distance gradually as you gain confidence in your abilities.

Stay Focused

Stay focused on your goal when executing a long-jump. Don’t let distractions get you down. Keep your focus on the landing area and visualize yourself landing safely.


Every Roblox parkour player should master the long jump. Follow these tips and techniques to master the long jump and cover long distances efficiently. You’ll be able to long jump like a professional in no time if you practice, build strength, know your limitations, and stay focused.

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