good parkour maps fortnite

Good Parkour Maps Fortnite

Fortnite is an online video game played by millions of people around the globe. The game offers a wide range of objects, weapons and locations to give players a unique gaming experience. The parkour mode is one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of the game. It allows players to jump, run and climb over obstacles. The parkour map Fortnite offers is the most enjoyable for playing this mode. Here we will discuss some of the most popular and best parkour maps that Fortnite has to offer. Players can improve their skills and enjoy these maps.

1. Scary Parkour

Scary Parkour will test your skills at the maximum. The map is a haunted home that has been infested with zombies. This makes it even more dangerous. This parkour map requires players to navigate through the dark, creepy halls and avoid contact with zombies.

2. Ninja Warrior Parkour

Ninja Warrior Parkour, another great map for parkour, challenges players to overcome difficult and complex obstacles. This map has a complex course with unique challenges. It will require skilled players in order to overcome.

3. Skyblock Parkour

Skyblock Parkour, a popular map for parkour in Fortnite, is one of the most played maps. The map is located on an island with a beautiful blue sky. Players will need to navigate the skies to complete the course.

4. Speedrun Parkour

Speedrun Parkour is an option that challenges players to complete a course as quickly as they can. The course is filled with tricky obstacles that only Fortnite veterans can master.

5. Death Run Parkour

Death Run Parkour will test your agility and timing. This parkour map has a course that is lined with traps. Players must avoid these to advance and survive.

6. Mega Parkour

Mega Parkour is an extensive course that’s designed for players looking to take on parkour challenges with more challenging obstacles. This map includes a variety parkour challenges including vertical jumps and horizontal jumps as well as difficult angles to climb.

7. DK Parkour

DK Parkour, a challenging course of parkour created by Donkey Kong, a popular Fortnite player. The map is filled with well-designed and detailed obstacles that require timing and tactical jumping to complete.

8. Escape the Museum Parkour

Escape the Museum Parkour allows you to explore a museum full of ancient artifacts. The map is filled with obstacles based on ancient ruin, which makes it a challenging challenge for players who want to improve their parkour abilities.

9. Jungle Parkour

Jungle Parkour takes place in the middle of a small jungle, surrounded by water. The obstacles are difficult, and each jump counts when players navigate the course.

10. Food Fight Parkour

Food Fight Parkour allows players to complete courses while avoiding various types of food. The map has food-themed obstacles which players must avoid to pass each level.

11. Escape Maze Parkour

Escape Maze Parkour, a complex parkour map, features mazes of varying difficulty that players must navigate to reach their goal. This map is a great challenge for players who are looking to improve their strategic thinking skills.

12. Ice Parkour

Ice Parkour is an island parkour map where players must navigate obstacles, jumps and uneven terrains. The map is filled with obstacles such as icebergs and frozen waterfalls. It also has slippery ice floors.

13. Rainbow Parkour

Rainbow Parkour is an exciting parkour mode that takes place on a colorful trail of rainbow blocks. The map has a variety of designs and colors that players can use to progress in the course.

14. Pirate Parkour

Pirate Parkour is an original parkour map set on a pirate vessel sailing on stormy waters. The course includes a variety of obstacles such as ropes, planks and cannons.

15. Ultimate Challenge Parkour

Ultimate Challenge Parkour, the most challenging map in Fortnite’s parkour series. The course is full of challenging obstacles which require extreme parkour abilities and persistence to complete. This course is only for the most experienced Fortnite players.

16. Castle Parkour

Castle Parkour is an original parkour map featuring a course set in medieval castle. The course includes castle towers, stonewalls, and draping plants that make it a challenging challenge.

17. Laser Maze Parkour

Laser Maze Parkour, a parkour game mode, includes lasers which players must avoid to complete the course. The map has lasers that can instantly end the game, making it a challenging one.

18. Mountain Parkour

Mountain Parkour is an obstacle-filled parkour map set atop a high mountain. Players will need to navigate the treacherous course to complete it.

19. Neon Parkour

Neon Parkour features bright neon lights, making it more visually appealing than other parkour maps. This map is challenging with its complex obstacles.

20. Pyramid Parkour

Pyramid Parkour is an ancient Egyptian parkour map. The course has many obstacles to overcome to reach the goal.

21. Space Parkour

Space Parkour is an original parkour mode that takes place in outer space. Space-related obstacles such as black holes, floating asteroids and other space hazards make this a fun, exciting challenge.

22. Alien Invasion Parkour

Alien Invasion Parkour, another unique parkour map, is a map where aliens invade a city and players must navigate the streets while avoiding alien attacks to complete the course.

23. Wipeout Parkour

Wipeout parkour is a mode based on the popular television series Wipeout. The course includes elements from the hit TV show such as punching walls, hopping across platforms, and swinging obstacle.

24. Haunted Mansion Parkour

Haunted Mansion Parkour takes place in an eerie mansion. The obstacles include bookshelves, furniture, and candles.

25. Christmas Parkour

Christmas Parkour is an exclusive parkour mode for the holiday season. The map is filled with Christmas-themed obstacles such as presents, trees and snowflakes.

26. Ghostbusters Parkour

Ghostbusters Parkour is an interactive parkour map where you explore different locations from movies or references to them. The map is filled with obstacles and fun references to the film, making it a must play parkour map for Ghostbusters fans.

27. Future Parkour

Future Parkour is an exciting parkour map where you have to navigate through a futuristic landscape filled with high-tech poles, levitating blocks and other obstacles.

28. Into the Storm Parkour

Into the Storm Parkour takes place in a hurricane. The course contains various hazards related to storms that you must avoid to complete the map.

29. Fairy Tale Parkour

Fairy Tale Parkour features a map of parkour that takes place within various fantasy landscapes such as enchanted forest, magical castles and dragon lairs. This course is full of imaginative and exciting challenges.

30. Industrial Parkour

Industrial Parkour is an original parkour map set in a industrial area. The course contains obstacles that are based on real-life structures such as ladders, pipes, and platforms.


These 30 courses will add endless hours of excitement and fun to your Fortnite experience. Parkour maps with obstacles inspired by themes such as food, fantasy, or space are available. These popular and fun Fortnite parkour maps will provide players with a challenging experience that will also allow them to improve their parkour skills.

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