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Genji Parkour Havana: Mastering the Art of Movement

Genji is a popular character in Overwatch, the highly acclaimed video game. Genji is a fan favorite for his quick movements and his deadly sword skills. Many players have been drawn to his parkour skills.

On the map Havana you can see Genji’s parkour skills in action. You can see him leaping off buildings, running on walls and sliding under obstacles. We dive into the world of Genji Parkour Havana to learn more about the art of movement.

The Basics of Genji Parcour Havana

Genji’s parkour skills can be used to navigate Havana’s map quickly and efficiently. There are many routes and obstacles on the map that players can use to their advantage. You must first understand Genji Parkour Havana.

Wall running is the most basic and fundamental move. Genji can jump from walls and run for a short time on them. This is a great move to use when you need to quickly escape or reach high platforms.

The double jump is the second move. Genji can jump twice quickly, which allows him horizontally and vertically. This is useful for navigating the map and avoiding enemy fire.

Genji Parkour Havana: Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it is time to learn advanced techniques. These moves are not easy to master, but they can be game-changers if you practice them well.

Wall climbing is the first and most advanced technique. Genji can vertically climb walls by jumping from one wall to the next. This is a great move to sneak up on your enemies or reach higher platforms.

The wall kick is the second advanced technique. Genji can leap off walls and kick an opponent in mid-air. This attack deals damage and can be used in fights to gain the upper hand.

The slide is the third advanced technique. Genji can slide through obstacles, which allows him speed through tight spaces. This can be used to surprise enemies or avoid enemy fire.

Tips for Mastering Genji Parkour Havana

It takes practice and time to master Genji Parkour Havana. These are some tips to get you started.

TIP 1: Run on a wall

Genji Parkour Havana’s foundation is wall running. To improve your speed, agility and jump off walls, you can run on them.

TIP 2: Explore the Map

Explore the map and discover the best routes to move. You can use Havana’s many obstacles and routes to your advantage.

TIP 3: Use advanced techniques

Once you have learned the basics, you can start learning advanced techniques to win fights. You can gain an advantage in combat by wall climbing, wall kicking, or sliding.

TIP 4: Take care of your health and position

Genji Parkour Havana is a sport that requires you to be aware of your health and position. Avoid causing unnecessary damage and be ready to strike back if necessary.

TIP 5: Practice and Practice!

Practice is the key to mastering Genji parkour Havana. Practice and improve your skills by spending time in the game. The more you practice, you’ll get better.


Genji Parkour Havana, an exciting aspect of Overwatch, is unique. It takes practice and time to master the art of movement, but it is well worth the effort. Genji Parkour Havana is a great option for anyone, regardless of whether they are a seasoned or new player.

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