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Free Running vs. Parkour: The Ultimate Showdown


Parkour and free running are two of the most popular adrenaline-fueled movements. Although the terms are often used interchangeably they are actually two distinct disciplines. This article will discuss the differences between parkour and free running, the uniqueness of each discipline, and the pros and con’s of each.

Free Running: What is it?

Free running is a discipline that uses body movements such as flips, spins and jumps to move freely and creatively in urban environments. Free runners can use obstacles and structures to perform acrobatic moves and movements that are often choreographed with music. Free running allows one to express and explore their creativity while pushing the limits of the human body.

Parkour: What is it?

Parkour is a discipline that uses body movements to navigate a space as efficiently and quickly as possible. Parkour’s goal is to move from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible using obstacles and structures found in the environment. Parkour can include some acrobatics but the main focus is on efficiency of movement and not creativity or aesthetics.

The Main Differences

Although parkour and free running share many similarities, such as the use body movements and obstacles, there are significant differences between them. Parkour is about getting from A to B as fast and efficiently as possible. Free running explores creativity and pushes the limits of the human body. Parkour is more focused upon efficient movement and free running involves more acrobatic movements.

There are pros and cons to free running

While free running can be very rewarding, it also has its challenges. There are many benefits to free running.

Pros and cons of Parkour

Parkour is a challenging and rewarding discipline that has its own pros and cons. Parkour has many benefits. It can improve your physical fitness and strength, as well as your ability to solve problems more efficiently and quickly. You also get a sense of accomplishment when you complete difficult moves and navigate obstacles.


Although parkour and free running share some similarities, they are two different disciplines with their own goals and approaches. Both disciplines offer unique and rewarding experiences, no matter what your preference is. When you pursue either discipline, it is important to remember to prioritize safety and proper training.

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