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Best of Parkour: The Ultimate Guide to Free-Running Mastery

Parkour is a sport that combines athleticism with creativity and freedom. This urban movement, also known by free-running, requires you to use your body to navigate obstacles such as a busy street, a park bench or a building facade. Parkour athletes are known for their speed, agility and strength. They often do amazing moves that seem to defy gravity.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a flexible, holistic practice that encourages creativity, adaptability, self-expression, and flexibility. Parkour does not have any medals, judges, or competitions. Instead, free-runners are focused on their personal growth, exploration, as well as pushing themselves to the limits.

Parkour practitioners should be aware of the following principles and techniques:

  • Efficiency Parkour’s goal is to get from A to B as efficiently and with the least amount time, energy, and resources possible.
  • Flow Parkour is more than just getting over an obstacle. It’s about doing it gracefully, with fluidity and style.
  • Safety: Although parkour is often associated to dangerous and extreme stunts, free-runners place a high priority on safety and injury prevention.
  • Creativity While parkour does have some basic moves and patterns it encourages experimentation and individual expression.

Best Parkour Techniques and Moves

The wall climb is one of the most famous and impressive parkour skills. It involves running to a wall, jumping off it with your left foot, placing your right foot on the wall and pushing off to reach a higher point.

Another parkour move that is very popular is the precision jump. This involves jumping from one platform to the next, along with rails or ledges, with both feet landing on the target spot.

Parkour rolling is another important move in free running. It allows you to absorb the shock from a fall or landing and regain momentum without injuring your spine or joints.

Other parkour moves and techniques include vaults and bar swings, wall runs and flips.

Parkour’s Best Benefits and Challenges

Parkour has many benefits, both mental and physical. These benefits include mental clarity, physical fitness, self-confidence, social connection, and self-confidence.

Parkour is not without its risks and challenges, including injury, fear, and burnout.

Best of Parkour Communities, Events, and Resources

Parkour is a growing movement with a worldwide network of organizations, enthusiasts, and platforms. You can meet other parkour enthusiasts, learn new skills, and show your creativity through local and online communities, events, competitions, training, education, resources, and gear.

You can unlock your full potential and be a free-runner by mastering parkour’s benefits, techniques, and communities.

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