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Anthony Blue Gamboa Parkour: The Ultimate Guide


Anthony Blue Gamboa has a great reputation in the parkour world. He is known for his incredible stunts and record-breaking feats. Anthony has been practicing traceur for over a year and has become one of the world’s best traceurs. In this guide we will explore the world of Anthony Blue Gamboa, and how he became a household name within the parkour community.

Early Life

Anthony Blue Gamboa, born in New York City, was born in 1993. Anthony was fascinated with sports and adventure from a young age. He tried different sports, like baseball and basketball, but felt that they were too restrictive. He wanted a sport that allowed him to move freely. In 2007, he fell in love with parkour.

Training and Development

Anthony’s parkour journey began in 2007, when he came across a group practicing parkour in Central Park in New York. He was intrigued by their movements and joined the group to train under their guidance. Anthony’s natural athleticism combined with his dedication and hardwork allowed him to progress quickly. He developed his skills under the guidance of experienced tracers.

Career in Parkour

Anthony’s first video of parkour went viral in 2012. He was recognized for his talent and creativeness. He continued to amaze the parkour community by his record-breaking feats, and innovative stunts. Anthony is well-known for his signature moves such as the palm spin and Kong Vault. He has appeared in many documentaries and videos that showcase parkour, and has worked with Nike and Red Bull.

Anthony Blue Gamboa’s Philosophy

Anthony believes parkour is more than just a sport, but a way to live. He believes parkour teaches people to overcome obstacles, both mental and physical. Anthony stresses the importance of safety and encourages traceurs train responsibly and safely. He believes that the goal of parkour is to push yourself to your limits while still respecting your body and surroundings.

Key Achievements

Anthony Blue Gamboa has achieved many things in parkour. He has broken many world records, such as the longest standing jump or the most kongs in a minute. Anthony has won several parkour contests, including Red Bull Art of Motion 2014. Anthony has also appeared in several parkour documentary films, including “The Rise of the Traceur.”

The Future of Parkour

Anthony Blue Gamboa has a passion for the growth of parkour. He believes parkour has the ability to become a mainstream sports and hopes that it will be included in the Olympics one day. He encourages young traceurs, too, to train hard and pursue their dreams. Anthony is an inspiration to aspiring traceurs. He continues to push the limits of parkour.

Training Tips

Here are some tips for those who are interested in learning about parkour.

1. Find a Community

Joining a community of traceurs is one of the best ways to master parkour. This will allow you to learn from experienced traceurs and train in a secure environment.

2. Start small and progress slowly

It is important to begin small and progress slowly. Parkour is an intense sport. Start with the basics, such as the precision jump, and work your way to more advanced moves.

3. Practice Safety

It is important to put safety first when training for parkour, as it is a sport with high risks. Warm up before training, and wear the right gear, such as gloves, shoes, or knee pads.


Anthony Blue Gamboa inspires traceurs all over the world. His talent and dedication has made him a household brand in the parkour world. In this guide we explore his parkour journey, his philosophy and his achievements. We also offered some tips to aspiring traceurs. Parkour is an extreme sport that requires dedication, hard work, and the willingness to push yourself to the limit. If you’re interested in parkour then embrace your passion and embrace a parkour lifestyle.

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