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7 Reasons to Visit Chicago’s Best Parkour Gym Now!

Parkour is a great way to bring excitement and a full-body workout to Chicago. Parkour is a form of efficient movement that involves running, jumping, and crawling over obstacles such as walls, benches, fences, and walls. Parkour Chicago Gym offers the perfect workout for everyone, whether you are into freerunning, learning tricks or performing front flips.

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What is Parkour?

Parkour is an extreme, intense sport that emphasizes efficiency in movement. It can be used in obstacle courses and free running. Parkour was developed in France by David Belle in the 1980’s. It can be used for fitness, recreation, and competition. Parkour can be described as running, vaulting and rolling, as well as the practice of control, agility and balance. It requires coordination, stamina, strength, as well as coordination.

Skilled trainers

Parkour Chicago Gym is proud to have experienced and skilled trainers. Parkour is a complex sport and our trainers can help you find the right workout. We offer both 1-on-1 and group lessons, and no matter your skill level, we can create a program that suits you.

Types of Classes

We offer a variety of classes to suit different skill levels as a Chicago-based parkour gym. For those who are just starting out and want to learn basic parkour, we offer beginner classes, intermediate classes, and advanced classes, for those who wish to improve their skills and take on more challenging challenges. Our classes will improve your coordination, balance and strength as well as flexibility.

Program Benefits

Parkour is more than just an adrenaline-filled sport. It also has many health benefits. Parkour will help you improve your physical and mental fitness, as well as increase strength, endurance, agility, and stamina. Parkour, unlike other fitness and sports, encourages mental and emotional calm. It requires concentration and skill. Parkour allows you to see familiar places in a new way and explore new areas.

Fees and Payments

Parkour Chicago Gym offers competitive prices for individual and class sessions. Pre-booking packages of 5 or more sessions will get you special discounts and group packages. We accept cash and all major credit cards.


Q: Is parkour dangerous?

A: Parkour is a dangerous activity. It’s important to be prepared for it and have the right safety gear. Parkour can be fun and safe if done correctly. Parkour Chicago Gym is committed to safety and our trainers have the necessary certifications.

Q: How do I get started?

A: It is best to learn the basics of parkour before you start doing any moves in the gym. A beginner class will teach you technique, safety, form, and proper form. This will give you a solid foundation so that you can move faster.

Q: Can I still take part if I’m not in good shape?

A: Absolutely! Parkour is a great way for you to get in shape and improve your physical health. We offer classes for all levels, so it doesn’t matter how fit or infirm you are. Our trainers will work closely with you to create a program that suits your needs.

Q: What happens to my balance?

A: Parkour requires coordination and physical control. It is therefore important to maintain balance. Our trainers are highly skilled and will help you to master the correct techniques and keep you in control.

Q: Is parkour only for children?

A: No! Parkour is great for adults of all ages, and can be fun for children. Parkour is physically and mentally demanding, so it has many benefits for all ages.

Q: What gear should I bring to class with me?

A: You should wear comfortable, well-fitting clothing and supportive shoes before attending class. A water bottle, towel, and safety gear like gloves, knee pads, or a helmet are all essential.

Q: Is parkour good cardio?

A: Absolutely! Parkour is a challenging workout that requires multi-directional movements as well as anaerobic activity. This type of exercise is great to improve your cardiovascular health and muscular strength and endurance.

Q: How often do I need to practice?

A: It all depends on your skill level. However, it is important to not over-exert yourselves. We recommend that you attend beginner classes at least 2-3 times per week. Intermediate and advanced classes should be attended no more than 2-3 times per week.

Q: Is parkour good to build core strength?

A: Definitely! Parkour activities require strength in the core muscles. These are the muscles that stabilize the body and keep it balanced. You can strengthen your core by performing moves like vaults, jumps and flips.

Q: What benefits can I expect from parkour?

A: Parkour has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Parkour will help you be stronger, more agile, and more confident. It will also improve balance, coordination, and mental focus. It’s also a lot of fun!

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