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7 Epic Ways to Master Parkour Freerunning

Parkour is a form of physical activity that combines running with jumping and climbing to create a challenging and unique workout. Parkour, also known as “the art and science of movement”, is a form of movement that uses fluid and creative movements to move through an environment and gain strength, speed and agility. We’ll be discussing parkour-specific terms and phrases, and explaining the various techniques and strategies that you’ll often see in parkour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parkour Synonyms

  1. What’s a parkour synonym? It is a term or phrase that describes a parkour technique, or a movement. Parkour is a form of movement that combines fluid motion with creative problem-solving to create a challenging but rewarding physical activity.
  2. What is traceur?

    Parkour is often called a traceur. A traceur will use movement to navigate obstacles and gain strength, agility, and speed.
  3. What’s freerunning?

    Parkour is an inspiration for freerunning, which is a similar activity. Both activities require fluid and creative movements. Freerunners, however, are more focused on artistic and acrobatic elements such as flips and complex tricks.
  4. What’s a kong vault?

    A kong vault can be described as a vault that is used in freerunning and parkour. It involves jumping over obstacles and grasping it under your arms to propel yourself forward.
  5. What’s a cat leap?

    Cat leaps are a type of leap that is used to move over obstacles or objects. Cat leaps are different than regular jumps because they require the use of the arms to grab and pivot off an object while high in the air to gain more height.
  6. What’s a precision jump?

    A precision jump is a type that allows you to jump precisely at a specific spot. To reach a specific target, it requires precise timing, speed and technique calculations.
  7. What’s a speed vault?

    A speed vault is a vault that allows you to quickly climb over obstacles. This technique requires momentum and leverages the body to climb over obstacles.
  8. What’s a wall flip?

    Wall flipping is a technique that uses momentum to propel the body across an obstacle. To successfully clear an object, you need to have the right amount of strength, speed, and momentum.
  9. What’s a tic-tac, you ask?

    A tic-tac can be described as a lateral movement that is used to jump over large gaps or overcome obstacles. It involves jumping from one object and quickly tucking onto another object.
  10. What’s a wall run?

    Wall runs are a run that is used to climb walls or other vertical surfaces. This requires a precise sequence and uses the arms to propel the body up.
  11. What’s a rocket jump?

    Rocket jumping is a technique that generates explosive power and extra height. To give your body enough momentum to propel you higher, you will need to crouch down and perform a mini jump.
  12. What’s parkour flow?

    Parkour flow refers to the combination of fluid and creative movements in parkour. This is how a traceur, or freerunner, navigates an environment using a variety techniques to overcome obstacles with grace.

Parkour Synonyms

We’ll be discussing some of the most common parkour synonyms, and defining the techniques they describe.

Precision Jump

Parkour’s core movement technique is the precision jump. To reach a specific target, it requires precise calculation of speed and technique. This could involve jumping from one point or shocking an object to clear an obstacle.

Cat Leap

The cat leap is more than just a jump. It involves grabbing and pivoting on an object to gain height or distance. It is a useful tool for traceurs to overcome obstacles. Cat leaps can be used to jump over walls and land on platforms.

Kong Vault

The kong vault is a type vault that is used in parkour and freerunning. It involves jumping over an obstacle, and then grasping it under the arms. This allows the traceur use the obstacle to propel themselves forward with greater speed and agility.

Speed Vault

The speed vault is similar to the Kong vault. It allows the traceur to use an object to launch themselves over obstacles. This technique requires a strong jump and the leverage of their arms to propel their body quickly over the obstacle.

Wall Flip

The wall flip is a technique that allows you to quickly and safely clear an obstacle. The traceur uses the wall as momentum to flip their body over the obstacle. They can either land in the same spot or propel themselves forward.


The tic-tac can be used to jump over gaps or overcome obstacles. It involves jumping from one object to immediately tuck and land onto another object. This is a fundamental component of parkour, which allows traceurs to easily move across difficult terrain.

Wall Run

The wall run is a powerful vertical movement that can be used to climb walls or other structures. It requires speed, leverage, and technique. It allows traceurs to climb vertical surfaces with ease.


Rocket jumping is a technique that generates explosive power and extra height. The traceur can generate enough momentum to clear obstacles, landing safely on the other side by crouching and leaping up.


Parkour is a unique physical activity that combines agility, creativity, strength, and speed. Parkour uses a wide range of words and phrases to describe how traceurs navigate their environment with grace and fluidity. We hope you found this guide helpful in understanding some of the most common parkour synonyms.

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