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7 Awesome Ways to Conquer Parkour Blocks 2!

Introduction to Parkour Blocks 2

Parkour Blocks 2 follows a successful series that has produced parkour-style building blocks. This combination of premium-grade, high-quality buildable blocks and innovative features combines to create amazing structures. This guide will help you choose the right blocks for your next project, whether you have tried Parkour Blocks 1 before.

The Basics of Parkour Blocks

Parkour Blocks are an assortment of 84 pieces measuring 9x3x3cm in size. They are made of lightweight plastic with a glossy, vibrant finish. They are available in 7 bright colours that make them easy to use and highly visible.

There are 8 clips total within each block. These clips can hold up to 10kg. 4 of them are large. The 4 other clips are smaller and can be used to make connections and create different shapes.

What can you build with Parkour Blocks 2

Parkour Blocks 2 offers endless possibilities when it comes to the types of structures you can create. You can build amazing structures for yourself or others using the blocks.

You could make walls, supports, or even a simple trampoline. Parkour Blocks 2 are not only durable but also flexible enough to support a variety of activities, no matter if you’re looking to fill in some gaps or create something more elaborate.

Parkour Blocks 2 FAQs

1. What is Parkour Block 2 made of?

Parkour Blocks 2 are made from lightweight plastic that is both durable and safe. They are also highly visible due to their bright, glossy finishes.

2. How many Parkour Blocks 2 pieces are there?

Each Parkour Blocks 2 set comes with 84 pieces.

3. How big are each of the Parkour Blocks?

Each Parkour Block measures 9x3x3cm in size.

4. Parkour Blocks 2 is suitable for adults?

Parkour Blocks 2 can be used by adults in any structure, even your own personal gym.

5. How heavy can Parkour Blocks 2’s clips hold?

Parkour Blocks 2 clips can hold up to 10 kg.

6. Parkour Blocks 2: What activities are possible?

You can use the blocks for many purposes, including building walls, supporting posts, and even a trampoline.

7. What colors can Parkour Blocks 2 be purchased in?

Parkour Blocks 2 are available in 7 vibrant colours. They are easy to use and highly visible.

8. Is Parkour Blocks 2 safe?

Parkour Blocks 2 have been designed with safety in the mind. They are made from lightweight plastic and have reinforced edges and clips that can withstand a lot of weight without breaking.

9. Are Parkour Blocks 2 suitable for outdoor use?

Parkour Blocks 2 can be used outdoors and are weather-resistant. However, the blocks could become damaged if they are exposed to heat or water too often.

10. Are there any parts that can be used to replace Parkour Blocks 2?

Yes, you can find replacement parts for Parkour Blocks 2 at many online retailers.

11. What is the cost of a set 2 Parkour Blocks?

Parkour Blocks 2’s cost will vary depending on where they are purchased and how many pieces you include in the set. A set will typically cost between PS30 to PS50.

12. Parkour Blocks 2 is suitable for younger children?

Parkour Blocks 2 can be used by children 5 years old and older. When using the blocks, it is important that children be supervised.

13. How long does Parkour Blocks 2 last for?

Parkour Blocks 2 can last a long time if they are properly maintained and taken care of. They are made to last so they should be durable.

14. Is there any instruction for building with Parkour Blocks 2

Yes, you can find instructions for building with Parkour Blocks 2 on the manufacturer’s site, as well as other tutorials and websites.

15. Can Parkour Blocks 2 also be used indoors

Parkour Blocks 2 can be used indoors if the floor and ceiling can support the weight of the blocks as well as the activities that you are planning to do.

16. What is the maximum weight Parkour blocks 2 can carry?

Parkour Blocks 2 can only handle 10kg.

17. How do you clean and maintain Parkour Blocks 2,

Parkour Blocks 2 should only be washed with warm, soapy water. Use a damp cloth to clean them. Avoid using detergents or abrasive products as they could cause damage to the blocks.

18. How long does it take for a structure to be built using Parkour Blocks 2

It will take you a lot of time to build a structure using Parkour Blocks 2. This depends on how complex the structure. A basic structure should be built in no more than an hour.

19. Are Parkour Blocks 2 required to be assembled?

Parkour Blocks 2 don’t require tools to assemble and can be connected using the clips.

20. Are Parkour Blocks 2 waterproof

Parkour Blocks 2 should not be exposed for extended periods of time to water.

21. Can Parkour Blocks 2 also be used with other building blocks

Parkour Blocks 2 can be combined with other building blocks. It is important to make sure the blocks are not exceeding the weight limit.

22. Can you paint on Parkour Blocks 2

Parkour Blocks 2 should not be painted. This could cause them to crack or cause potential damage.

23. Are Parkour Blocks 2 covered by a warranty?

Parkour Blocks 2 manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty.

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