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10 Epic Vaults Parkour Tricks You Must Learn Today!

Vaults Parkour: The Ultimate Guide for Becoming a Master Parkour Practitioner

A vault is a technique that parkour athletes may be familiar with. Parkour vaults allow you to clear obstacles using your arms and legs. Vaults are an integral part of parkour and provide a way to navigate urban environments efficiently and effectively.

This article will take a deep look at vaults parkour, and how you can use them as a tool to become a parkour master.

What is Vaults Parkour?

Vaults parkour, a subset in parkour, focuses on clearing obstacles using vaults. A vault is a parkour movement in which one or both of your hands are placed on a surface and then you push off with your legs to propel your body over the obstacle. There are many types and benefits to parkour vaults, each with its own challenges and benefits. You can improve your mobility and agility in urban environments by mastering parkour vaults.

Why are Vaults Important in Parkour

Parkour is incomplete without vaults. They allow you to maneuver urban environments efficiently and effectively. There are many obstacles in an urban environment that can slow down your movement or even stop it. You can quickly and easily remove obstacles such as rails and walls using vaults without losing momentum. Parkour practitioners find vaults indispensable because they allow them to move fluidly in any environment.

Types of Parkour Vaults

There are many types and types of parkour vaults. Each one has its own benefits and challenges. These are the most popular parkour vaults.

  1. Lazy vault: The Lazy vall is one of the most basic parkour vaults. This involves placing one hand on an obstacle and moving forward. Then, you swing your legs over the obstacle.
  2. Speed Vault This is a fast and efficient parkour vault. It involves jumping off one foot, placing one hand on an obstacle and swinging your legs above the obstacle.
  3. Reverse Vail: To perform the Reverse Vail, you must first jump over the obstacle using your feet. Then swing your body upwards by placing your hands on it.
  4. Dash Vault Dash vault: This vault is fast and efficient. It involves sprinting towards the obstacle and jumping forward with both your feet. Then, you propel yourself over the obstacle using both your hands.
  5. Kong Vault The Kong Vault, an advanced parkour movement, requires you to jump and push with your arms. You then land in a cat-like position. It was named after King Kong because it mimics the movements of the famous ape in movies.

How to train for Parkour Vaults

Parkour vault training requires strength, speed, agility, and a combination of both. These are some tips to help train for parkour vaults.

  1. Learn Basic Parkour Movements: Begin by learning basic parkour movements such as the Speed Vault and Lazy Vault. These basic movements will help you develop the skills to perform advanced vaults.
  2. Strengthen Your Core: Parkour requires core and upper body strength. To build strength, focus on core exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups.
  3. Flexibility: Parkour requires flexibility. Stretching exercises will increase mobility and agility.
  4. Develop coordination: Parkour requires coordination. Practice hand-eye coordination exercises, obstacle courses, and other activities will help you to develop the coordination necessary for parkour vaults.
  5. Train with Partner: Training together can help you improve technique, motivation, as well as challenge yourself to achieve new levels of performance.


Parkour vaults is an essential part of parkour. It can significantly increase your mobility and agility when used in urban environments. You can master the parkour vaults and train regularly to be able to navigate any obstacle with ease. This guide will help you practice vaults parkour and you’ll soon be able to move fluidly and efficiently in any environment.

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