where was parkour invented

Where Was Parkour Invented?

Parkour, also known by the names free running or l’art du deplacement is a form of training that requires you to move quickly and efficiently through obstacles without the use any equipment. Parkour has enjoyed a huge popularity in recent years, and is now an official discipline of various sports organizations.

Parkour originated in France in late 1980s, in particular in the Paris suburbs. Yamakasi, a group of young men who were inspired by various movie stunts such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, created the discipline.

The Evolution of Parkour

Parkour practitioners in France in the early days were called “traceurs” which translated to “tracers” in English. The term “parkour”, which was not officially used until late 1990s, was first invented by David Belle, one the original Yamakasi members.

Parkour was created from the beginning to be a practical discipline. However, it is complex. Parkour’s early practitioners sought to escape the urban environment, navigate obstacles and move efficiently through the streets. Parkour was a more functional and utilitarian discipline than it is today.

Parkour’s popularity in the 2000s and beyond is what prompted its evolution. Parkour grew in popularity as more people discovered it and began to practice it.

Where did parkour originate?

Parkour was founded in the late 1980s by a group young men from Paris. Although they were influenced by many disciplines, including gymnastics and martial arts, what drove these men was their desire to move freely and safely in the environment.

Parkour’s founders were interested in urban escape and exploration, and their movement style reflects this. They created techniques for jumping, climbing, vaulting, and running through the environment efficiently and quickly.

The works of George Hebert, a French author who advocated a “natural method” training philosophy, were heavily influenced by the founders of the discipline. This method focused on training for mobility and functional fitness, and used the natural environment and a variety physical challenges to achieve mental and physical well-being.

The Spread of Parkour

Parkour gained popularity in France and became more widely known. This attracted practitioners from all over the world to it. Parkour has spread from its humble beginnings in Paris to almost every corner of the world.

Parkour’s popularity has been fueled by many movies and videos featuring the discipline. There have also been the establishment of parksour organizations such as Parkour Generations and World Freerunning and Parkour Federation which have helped to promote and organize the sport.

Parkour is a popular sport that millions of people practice worldwide. Many cities host regular competitions and events. Parkour is constantly evolving and growing, with new styles, techniques, and approaches being developed every day by practitioners.

The Future of Parkour

Many experts predict that parkour will continue to evolve and grow as a mainstream sport like BMX and skateboarding. Parkour could be included in future Olympic Games if it is standardized in training and competes.

Parkour is a highly individualistic sport that has gained recognition and popularity. Many parkour practitioners use it as a way to express themselves and explore their artistic potential. Parkour will continue to challenge and inspire people all over the world, regardless of whether they are using it for their practical benefits, aesthetic appeal, or personal growth.


Parkour is a challenging and fascinating training discipline that has captured the imaginations all over the world. Parkour’s history and evolution can be traced back to Paris, where a group young men created a unique way of moving around the environment.

Parkour is a popular sport that millions of people practice around the globe. Participants of all ages and backgrounds are eager to push the boundaries of their bodies and minds. Although its future is uncertain and it is not yet clear what the future holds, one thing is certain: parkour will continue inspiring, challenging, and captivating people for many years.

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