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The Ultimate Parkour Bucket List

If you’re a parkour enthusiast then you probably have a list with things you’d love to see, do or experience on your parkour journey. The concept of a “parkour bucket list” is a great way to accomplish this. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ultimate bucket list of parkour. We will cover all aspects of your parkour journey including the best places to train, the most difficult obstacles to overcome and the incredible events that you must attend. Let’s get started!

The ultimate Parkour Bucket List: 30 Items

1. The iconic “Leap of Faith”, from Assassin’s Creed2. Train with the original Yamakasi founding members3. Reach the top of the Eiffel Tower4. Jump over a building5. Train in dense cities like Tokyo or Hong Kong6. Participate in Red Bull Art of Motion7. Attend the WFPF Pro-Am Championship8. Train in the ancient ruins at Machu Picchu9. Perfect your wall spins10. Compete in a local parkour contest 11. Attend a camp on parkour12. Double kong technique13. Run up the wall and do a backflip14. Visit Lisses in France, the birthplace of Parkour. Perfect the wall run technique16. Participate in NAPC17. You can master the cat jump on your first try18. Train in the stunning Rocky Mountains19. Jump over a car20. Participate in parkour jam sessions21. Create a parkour-related video that goes viral22. Perfect your 360 spin23. Complete a parkour obstacle course24. Train at the Monkey Vault, Canada25. Run from roof to rooftop26. Attend a Parkour gathering at the UK27. Master the precision jumping technique28. Train on the beaches in Southern California29. Create your own parkour course 30. Learn from your favorite parkour athletes.

Explore the Top Destinations to Train in Parkour

You need to find the best training locations if you want to get the most from your parkour journey. Here are some of the best destinations you should be aware of.

1. The Concrete Jungle in New York City

New York City is home to some of the world’s most iconic parkour spots. New York is a parkour lover’s dream. From the bustling streets and the towering skyscrapers to the busy streets, New York is a playground for urban parkour. The city that never sleeps offers a great challenge for those who are looking for it.

2. The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are the perfect place for outdoor training in a serene environment. You will be able to test your parkour skills in the vast terrain of the Rocky Mountains, which is characterized by deep valleys and rushing rivers.

3. The Streets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis filled with towering skyscrapers, narrow streets and stunning architecture. Hong Kong’s dense infrastructure, buildings with challenging angles, and glass facades make it an ideal place for parkour enthusiasts.

4. The Forests of Japan

In Japan, “natural parkour”, where the environment shapes parkour’s essence, has taken hold. The country offers a great opportunity for parkour lovers to test their skills in lush forests and natural landscapes. Japan’s unique terrain offers a different perspective than your typical urban parkour location.

The Most Challenging Parkour Obstacles

1. Wall Spins

The wall spin is one of the most difficult moves in Parkour. You run diagonally up a wall, turn and land downward. This move requires precision, control, and perfect timing. It is one of the most difficult moves to master.

2. Double Kong

Double kongs are another technique that requires precision and control. It involves two consecutive kongs, where you jump, land on your arms, and then push off, using your momentum, to clear the second obstacle in your path.

3. Running up a wall and backflipping

One of the most daring Parkour moves is to run up a wall (known as the wall-run) and then do a backflip. It takes a lot of speed, momentum and courage to pull it off without getting hurt.

4. The Cat Leap

The cat jump requires a great deal of practice and courage. It involves jumping from one surface to another with your hands outstretched to grab the second surface. You can move in different positions like a monk with the right technique. This is why every parkour enthusiast should perfect their cat-leap technique.

The Most Incredible Parkour Events You Must Attend

1. Red Bull Art of Motion

Red Bull Art of Motion participation is a must for parkour enthusiasts who enjoy exposure. The event brings together some of the most talented parkour athletes in the world. They compete on a grand stage to win the title of best Parkour athlete.

2. WFPF Pro-Am Championship

The WFPF Pro-Am Championship will be worth your time if you love parkour competition. The competition brings together some of the most talented parkour athletes from around the world to compete in an intense and unique experience.


The NAPC (North American Parkour Championships) is one of the world’s most exciting parkour events. This competition showcases the skills and art of parkour by presenting obstacles that parkour athletes have to overcome.

Making a Parkour Video that Goes Viral

A parkour video can be a great way to get noticed and gain new followers. You’ll have to master new parkour techniques while showcasing creativity, cinematography, and style. You’ll be able to create something that is worth sharing with the right angles, editing, and presentation.


The ultimate parkour bucketlist is a collection dreams, goals and experiences that every enthusiast should have. Our list of destinations, obstacles to overcome, amazing events, and the creation of your videos can take your parkour journey to a whole new level. Challengers, keep pushing your limits and inspire others. Share your journey with others and you may inspire the next Parkour champ.

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