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Parkour Cat Leap: The Ultimate Guide

The parkour cat jump is one of the coolest tricks in the world. It involves jumping from a wall to another with a large space between them in one smooth motion. This move is difficult to master and requires a lot technique, skill, and practice. This guide will provide you with the information needed to master the parkour cat jump.

What is the Parkour Cat Leap?

The parkour cat jump is a move where you jump from one wall to another with a large space between. To execute this move correctly, you need a lot precision, skill and technique. The name “cat jump” comes from how cats jump and grab objects with their paws.

The cat leap is used in parkour to overcome obstacles too large to jump or run over. The athlete must instead use upper body strength, agility and balance to successfully perform the move.

How to perform the Parkour Cat Leap

The parkour cat jump requires a great deal of practice and technical knowledge. Here are some steps to follow in order to successfully execute this move:

Step 1: Choose a Good Wall

You will need to find two parallel walls with a gap between them. The walls must also be the same height and tall enough for you to jump between them.

Step 2: Get into Position

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, facing the wall. Keep your arms at your side and bend your knees a little.

Step 3: Start the Jump

Jump towards the wall opposite by pushing off the ground. Swing your arms backwards as you jump to gain momentum.

Step 4: Grab onto the Wall

Grab the top edge of the opposite wall with your hands as you approach it. Your hands and feet should both grab the wall at the exact same time.

Step 5: Swing Your legs

Swing your legs up and over once you have grabbed the wall. You may have to use your upper-body strength to lift yourself over the wall.

Step 6: Land the other side

As you clear the wall aim to land on your feet first. Keep your knees flexed and absorb the landing with your legs.

You will soon be able perform the parkour cat jump with grace and ease. Start with a small gap and work your way to a larger one as your technique and skill improves.

Parkour Cat Leap Training Tips

Here are some tips for training the parkour cat jump:

Tip 1: Increase your upper body strength

The parkour cat jump requires a lot upper body strength in order to pull yourself over the wall. Include exercises such as pull-ups and dips in your training to improve your strength.

Tip 2: Practice your balance

Balance is the key to successfully executing a parkour cat jump. Balance exercises such as standing on a beam or performing single-leg squats will help you improve your balance.

Tip 3: Work on Your Technique

The correct technique is essential for safely and effectively executing the parkour kitty leap. You can work with a mentor or coach to improve your technique. Practice the move in controlled environments before trying it in real life situations.

Tip 4: Start by reducing the gap size.

Do not attempt the parkour leap on a large space right away. Start with smaller gaps, and then progress to larger gaps when you have improved your skills and technique.

Warm up properly

Warm up properly before attempting the cat jump. This will prevent injuries and make sure you are prepared for the physical demands.

Safety Considerations for the Parkour Cat Leap

When performing the parkour cat jump, you should always keep safety in mind.

Consideration 1: Wear appropriate gear

Wear the appropriate gear to protect your hands and feet from injury. You may want to wear a helmet as well to protect your head.

Consideration 2: Know your limits

If you’re not mentally or physically prepared, don’t try the parkour cat jump. Know your limits, and work within them.

Consideration 3: Use Proper Technique

The key to safely and effectively executing the cat parkour jump is proper technique. To improve your skills, use proper technique and work with a mentor or coach.

Consideration 4: Do not attempt the move alone

When attempting to do the parkour cat jump, always have a partner or spotter with you. This will ensure your safety, and give you guidance and support as you learn this move.

Consideration 5: Know Your environment

Before you attempt the parkour cat jump, inspect the area to make sure there are no obstacles or hazards. Check that the walls are stable, secure and free of debris.


The parkour cat jump is a difficult and impressive move. It requires a lot skill, technique and practice to execute correctly. This guide will help you master this move, and take your parkour abilities to the next level.

To improve your skills, remember to practice safely. Use the correct technique and work with a mentor or coach. With dedication and hardwork, you can become an expert in parkour cat jumps in no time.

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