is parkour a sport

Is Parkour a Sport?


Parkour, also known by the name freerunning, is a physical discipline which involves running, jumping, climbing and other movements to navigate urban environments. Parkour is a popular sport among young people. Many are now pondering whether it should be considered a sport. This article will explore the various perspectives on this topic and attempt to reach a conclusion.

What is a sport?

Before we can decide if parkour is a sport or not, we must first define what constitutes a sport. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, sport is “any activity that involves physical exertion and skill where an individual or group competes against another or other people for entertainment.” Parkour can be considered a sport based on this definition. It requires skill and physical exertion, so those who practice it can compete with others. There are other factors to consider.

The Parkour Debate

Some argue that parkour lacks a competitive structure and is therefore not a sport. Parkour is not like other sports. It does not have teams or scoring systems. It’s more of a self-expression activity that has a focus on personal growth and community-building.On the other hand, some argue that parkour should be classified as a sport because there are competitions held worldwide. Parkour athletes can compete against one another in events like the Red Bull Art of Motion and the World Freerunning Parkour Federation.

Parkour and the Olympics

There have been discussions in recent years about adding parkour to Olympics. There have been mixed reactions to the idea. Some see it as a way to increase attention to the sport and to give it the recognition it deserves. Others worry that the popularity and commercialization of the sport could lead to the loss and corruption of its essence and values.

In Conclusion

It is up to the individual to decide if parkour can be considered a sport. It is technically a sport. It is unique because it does not have a traditional competition structure and it is focused on the parkour community’s core values. It is up to parkour practitioners and supporters to decide how they define it. It is a great exercise and encourages creativity.

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