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7 Epic Parkour Gyms in Denver: Unleash Your Power!

Parkour is an exciting and fun activity that anyone who loves thrills will enjoy. Parkour is a type of obstacle course movement that emphasizes jumping, vaulting and climbing in urban settings. Denver’s parkour gyms offer the perfect opportunity for people to learn this sport and also enjoy the cultural side of Denver. Parkour gyms in Denver offer everything you need, from professional instruction to beginner classes to top-notch facilities.

Denver Parkour Gyms

Here’s a list of Denver’s top parkour gyms:

  • Rock-It Makerspace & Gym
  • Apex Movement Westminster
  • Apex Movement Boulder
  • Urban Evolution Denver
  • Denver Parkour Academy

Rock-It Makerspace & Gym

Rock-It Makerspace & Gym has been voted one of the best parkour gyms in Denver. The gym is well-equipped and welcoming. There are many parkour equipment available and a practice area for students. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and they make sure everyone feels safe. Rock-It offers street-style classes, coaching, and hands-on guidance. Rock-It’s classes can be tailored to suit different skill levels, from complete beginners to competitive parkour athletes. Rock-It is a great place for parkour training and is suitable for all levels.

Apex Movement Westminster

Apex Movement Westminster offers many classes that challenge, teach, or entertain. The state-of the-art facility is fully equipped with all necessary parkour equipment. The knowledgeable staff is always available to help. Apex Movement Westminster offers Kids Classes for children aged 6-13, Parkour Performance Classes to improve their parkour skills, and Open Gym for those who want to practice their skills. Apex Movement Westminster also offers parties to anyone who wants to have fun with their friends.

Apex Movement Boulder

Another great parkour gym is Apex Movement Boulder. They offer a variety of classes including beginner, intermediate, and advanced parkour, as well as the chance to join a competitive team. High-tech crash mats, rigid foam Pits, and a variety parkour obstacles are all available at the facility. Apex Movement Boulder also offers private lessons, open gym hours, birthday parties, and open classes. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and they make sure everyone can safely enjoy their parkour adventures.

Urban Evolution Denver

Urban Evolution Denver offers a unique space for parkour enthusiasts at all levels. The 35,000-square-foot facility features a variety of trampolines, parkour obstacles, and foam pits that allow practitioners to improve their skills and push the limits of the sport. Urban Evolution Denver also offers private events and monthly memberships for those who want to make parkour a regular part of their lives.

Denver Parkour Academy

Denver Parkour Academy is a leading parkour gym in Denver. They offer private lessons and classes for all levels. The Academy offers a variety of obstacles and equipment that allows practitioners to practice at their own pace and improve their technique. Denver Parkour Academy offers classes as well as workshops, clinics, events, and other activities that challenge and entertain parkour athletes at all levels. They offer both adult and child-oriented programs as well as monthly memberships. Denver Parkour Academy is the ideal place to learn parkour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parkour Gyms In Denver

Q: Which parkour gym is the best in Denver?

It all depends on what you are looking for. Different gyms offer different classes, obstacles, or levels of instruction. Two of the most highly-rated and popular parkour gyms are Rock-It Makerspace & Gym, and Apex Movement Westminster.

Q: At what age can children start to take parkour classes?

Parkour gyms often offer classes for children as young as six years old. It is important to check with the gym before you go to ensure that the class is appropriate for your child’s skill level and age.

Q: Do I need any experience in parkour to join a class?

No. No. No matter your level of skill, there will be a class for you at any of the many Denver parkour gyms.

Q: What should you wear to your parkour class?

Comfortable and flexible clothing is important, as are shoes with good grip and padding. To protect yourself while practicing, most gyms will require that you wear gloves and a helmet.

Q: Is parkour considered safe?

Parkour is safe if you follow the correct instruction and exercise caution. Rock-It Makerspace & Gym, Urban Evolution Denver and other gyms have dedicated staff who ensure that all students follow safety protocols and form.

Q: Is there any opportunity for competitive parkour in Denver

Yes. Apex Movement Boulder offers a competitive team to anyone who wants to improve their parkour skills. The team is active in both local and national competitions, and is always open to new members.

Q: Is there an Open Gym at any of the Denver parkour gyms?

Yes! Open Gyms are offered by all of the Denver parkour gyms. This allows practitioners to get extra practice. For information on Open Gym hours and costs, contact the gym directly.

Q: Do parkour gyms offer birthday party packages?

Yes! Apex Movement Westminster, as well as other parkour gyms, offer birthday packages to help you have an unforgettable birthday celebration. For more information on fees and terms, please contact the gym.

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